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Performing classic songs to bring back memories for Assisted Living and Memory Care residents and Music Therapy for hospital and rehab patients has become a major part of what I am doing with my music. And I never saw it coming! As you scroll down this page you can read the story of how this all started and watch an inspiring video that the residents of Deerwood Assisted Living and Regents Memory Care and Rehab recorded for my wife and me when she was fighting breast cancer. You will clearly see why I love doing this for them so much!

Activity Director Endorsements...

If you are looking for entertainment that is interactive with seniors, lively and energetic and music that includes all genres of your Seniors’ era, music that is stimulating and allows seniors to recall and reminisce past memories and music that will enhance and add life enrichment to your program Robbie is your musician. I can’t say enough about him. A.K., Activities Director at Regents Park and Deerwood Place ALF

This was the first time we had Robbie perform at our nursing facility. Our resident's loved him. He entertained for our "Happy Hour." His music was perfect. He played a variety of favorites. Even the staff was dancing and singing along. We will be hiring him again. Mary S., Activities Director at Avante Villa

I have planned the programming for assisted living and memory care residents for 20 years. I get at least 5-10 phone calls per week from entertainers that want to be scheduled here. I have been lucky with many and unlucky with enough. I have never missed when a fellow Activity Coordinator has made a recommendation. I have scheduled Robbie Trice in my building on a regular basis for over a year. He is always on time, very talented and most of all, he is entertaining. His musical diversity is as extensive as his career. He has a heart for the music and the audience he plays to. You will not be disappointed. Dianne J., Life Enrichment Coordinator at The Windsor of San Pablo

My Story...

It all began when I received a call from a friend who is a resident at Regents Park of Jacksonville, asking if I would be interested in entertaining the residents there.  I then received an invitation from Althea Kinsey, the Activities Director at Regents. Saying yes to that invitation turned out to be a life changing experience for me. 


One thing I discovered quickly - they love music! They connected to the songs in a way that made them feel alive in that moment. As I sang and played, I saw their countenance lift, a smile come to their faces and lips begin to move to the words and melodies. I realized that these were the songs from the "soundtrack of their lives" and they triggered memories like nothing else could. Since that first performance, I became aware that we had connected through the the beauty and power of music. It has since gone far beyond the music. They have become my friends. In fact, I end every performance now with "You've Got a Friend". And when you see the video below, you will see that the feeling is mutual. 

How this has grown is amazing to me. I started volunteering at Regents in 2013. The Times Union even wrote an article about it for a series called Giving Back. I really wanted to do more, but I still need to work so I couldn't volunteer everywhere. But over the past few years a number of other facilities who have a budget for entertainment  began to use me on a regular basis (see above). Then Body & Soul, a non profit who sends musicians into hospitals and rehab centers for music therapy came along. They also have a budget and can compensate us. With that regular income, private parties, corporate events and guitar teaching, I am now able to devote my days to this full time. It is such a blessing in my life. 


If you are an activities director or administrator at an ALF or SNF center please contact me about performing regularly for your residents. Please feel free to contact any of the ALF Facilities above for references. 

My wife had been very ill. The residents at one of the ALF's where I regularly sing got together and made this video for me. I'll treasure it forever. This is why I love these beautiful people so much.

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