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Robbie Trice, a Jacksonville, Florida native, is a seasoned singer, acoustic guitarist, songwriter and cover artist. He has been playing the guitar, singing and writing songs since he was 13.


He began performing professionally at the age of 19 when he co-founded the one of the east coast's first contemporary Christian bands, Kinfolk. They traveled the east coast and Canada for ten years, played hundreds of concerts and festivals, recorded 3 self produced albums and appeared on national television. Following a decade of touring and recording with Kinfolk, Robbie spent the next 35 years as a church music minister and worship leader. For two of those years (1984-86) he was a producer of live entertainment for Heritage USA, the the third most visited theme park in the United States.


He is the composer of the gospel song, Alpha & Omega. Originally recorded and popularized regionally by Kinfolk, the song was  picked up by Bill Gaither and Robbie was signed to an exclusive songwriting contract with Gaither Music Publishing. The Gaither Vocal band recorded it in 1984 and turned the folk-rock song into a soul-stirring gospel anthem that also inspired several choir arrangements that are performed by choirs all over the world. Over the years it has been released on 13 different projects, including several "best of"compilations, gold and platinum selling DVD's and has over 14 million YouTube views. On YouTube you can find hundreds of covers in many different languages. The Gaither Vocal Band still opens it's sold out concerts with Alpha & Omega and it is regarded as a gospel classic.  

For the last 10 years Robbie has gone back to his roots, performed classic songs from the decades at restaurants, private parties, corporate events, and independent, assisted living and  memory care communities.  

His musicianship, versatility, vast range of styles and genres and easy-going personality have made Robbie a favorite and in high demand in the greater Jacksonville and surrounding areas. 

Recently, Robbie was named 2019's 5th Best Musician in the popular Folio Magazine's Best of Jax contest. 

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